We know when to operate and when not.
We have operated many people. We have imporeved the quality of life for many people. We are specialists in nasal obstruction problems and in nose surgery. We assess each case to determine if surgery is necessary. If it is necessary to operate, a team with many years of experience performs the operation in a comfortable environment of great human and technological quality.

Nasal problems

A malfunctioning nose can cause discomfort and serious health problems. We explore each case from a global perspective: we look at the person as a whole, not just at the symptoms. It is the best way to find effective solutions.

Many years of experience have shown that nasal pathology can be responsible for problems of all types: functional, psychological and even social. Therefore at our Rhinology Clinic we address each case from a global perspective with a multidisciplinary team specializing in nasal diseases and their effects.

We carry out thorough examinations. We diagnose accurately. We determine solutions taking into account all the relevant factors.

We have advanced technology and a professional team who provide high quality excellent treatment. Take advantage of the benefits of being part of the Teknon Medical Center and Campus.

In many cases you can obtain a higher level of wellbeing when you complement conventional medical therapies with other medical specialties. That´s why we practise Integrative Medicine: contemplating solutions beyond surgery and medication.

Nasal obstruction surgery

We are specialized in problems of nasal obstruction and nose surgery. We assess each case to determine whether surgery is necessary. If you need surgery, a team with many years of experience will perform the operation in a comfortable and high quality human and technological environment.

The Maria Colomé Rhinology Clinic is The Nasal Obstruction Unit of the Teknon Medical Center..


Nasal problems are too often overlooked, despite the great importance of this organ and its functions for people’s health. Ignorance of the impact that a nasal pathology can have, causes action when the process is already very advanced or can have important consequences for the person’s health. A complete diagnosis is the best way to ensure good nasal health.

At the Maria Colomé Rhinology Clinic we have specialized laboratories in the different pathologies linked to the nasal organ, which offer patients a comprehensive diagnosis that allows them to respond to their nasal problem.

At the Maria Colomé Rhinology Clinic we take care of your nasal health to improve your life quality.

The team of the Rhinology Clinic, led by Dr. Maria Colomé carries out a complete diagnosis and assessment of each case in each laboratory to determine which treatment – medical, surgical and complementary, if any – is most appropriate for each patient.

This diagnosis mainly includes the person’s history, general otorhinolaryngological clinical examination and nasal endoscopy, and a series of specialized tests for each major symptom.

Programs for Professionals

Nasal function plays a crucial role in some professions and hobbies. Our programs are designed for athletes, winemakers, chefs, perfume-makers, singers, teachers and communicators, to learn to use the nasal-vocal organ appropriately.

We´ll help you to avoid health problems or correct them. You can maximize your professional performance.

It is important for everyone to have good nasal-vocal health, and even more so if you take part regularly in activities where respiration, smell and voice play a major role.

At our Rhinology Clinic we will investigate thoroughly to detect possible misuse or difficulties. We will help you avoid habits that could be harmful in the long run.

Good Health Workshops

To improve your health and wellness, you need to change long-held engrained habits. We know that this is not easy. We offer practical workshops that promote the acquisition of healthy habits. You will be able to quit smoking. You will learn to fight stress and avoid it. You will learn to breathe properly.

Our Good Health Workshops at the Rhinology Clinic help change bad habits and improve your quality of life. Our workshops are effective, practical and personalized. You are in the hands of skilled professionals.