We always undertake an operation taking into account the aesthetic impact that a functional operation can have, regardless of whether the objective is to maintain the appearance or modify it.

Clínica Rinològica - Repercussions estètiques

Will I have a scar?

We will do everything possible not to leave any visible scar.

Generally we operate through the nostrils, leaving no external scar. This is possible thanks to state-of-the-art surgical techniques, and the professionalism of the team at our Rhinology Clinic.

In the few cases that needed external incisions, the scar is hidden at the base of the nose, or in a natural skin fold.

Will the operation change my appearance?

Not if you do not want to change it. If this is not taken into consideration beforehand, the internal modifications to be made in an operation can affect the external appearance of the nose. However, in our Rhinology Clinic we always endeavour to solve the functional problem without generating unwanted change in appearance.

Can I take advantage of this operation to also improve the appearance of my nose?

Yes. Many patients do, and are happy with the decision. In one intervention can solve internal problems of nasal obstruction and at the same time achieve a more harmonious external appearance. cosmetic surgery is fully compatible with the resolution of a functional problem. A small change can make a big improvement.

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