Nasal Obstruction Laboratory

Nasal respiratory problems can have very different origins. In most cases, there is no single reason, but the factors that make the person suffer from this nasal respiratory problem are different. The more causes are known, the better the problem can be addressed.

The most common problems are allergic, endocrine or emotional problems, among others, they can affect the nasal mucosa with hyperreactivity, and lead to rhinitis, sinusitis or polyps, and an increase in nasal obstruction. They may also be related to mechanical or congenital pathologies of the organs, such as a deviation from the septum or an abnormality in the nasal valve. In addition, unhealthy lifestyle habits can aggravate these problems and their symptoms.

Clínica Rinològica - Laboratori d'obstrucció nasal

A professional diagnosis, which takes into account the different possible causes, allows us to offer a more effective solution.

The Nasal Obstruction Laboratory at the Maria Colomé Rhinology Clinic offers a specialized service for the diagnosis and treatment of nasal respiratory pathologies, led by Dr. Colomé and her team.

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