Dr. Colomé has an office in Andorra, where she offers first visits and follow-up to patients, one Friday a month.

In this office, Dr. Colomé mainly focuses on patients who are thinking about having a cosmetic rhinoplasty, because they do not like the shape or size of their nose. Also in those who want to take advantage of performing a functional surgery to have some retouching.

Clínica Rinològica - Andorra 2

The Rhinology Clinic opens its headquarters in Andorra to approach patients who need a rhinoplasty.

The consultation is located in the Surgical Medical Center, in Escaldes-Engordany. A modern and well-equipped space, where the doctor attends to patients personally. See more details if desired.

Clínica Rinològica - Andorra

Dr. Colomé offers a free online first contact for cosmetic nose patients. In this first contact, the steps to follow are planned and diagnostic guidance is given, to have everything ready for the face-to-face visit at the Surgical Medical Center.

In the face-to-face visit, the facial analysis is done. Through a photographic study, Dr. Colomé draws the future shape of your nose. Together with the patient, the shape of the nose is assessed and adjusted until defining which you like the most.

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In addition, through endoscopy we assess the internal shape of the nose and possible pathologies that affect nasal function –deviation of the septum, polyps, sinusitis– which can later affect the aesthetic results. Form and function are very interrelated; ignoring the inside of the nose can make rhinoplasty not entirely successful.

Clínica Rinològica Maria Colomé - Tecnologia

Online visits are also an opportunity for Dr. to accompany you closely throughout the process of aesthetic rhinoplasty.

Dr. Colomé was interviewed by the Andorran magazine Dona Secret, when opening her consultation. If you want, you can read the article on the following link.