Correct nasal respiratory function is essential in sport. At our Rhinology Clinic we study each case in depth and offer personalized treatments for good health and optimum performance.

Football, basketball, tennis, biking… whatever sport you practice, if you are a professional sportsman or do sports regularly, make sure you breathe properly. Prevent health problems and improve your physical performance.

Why is nasal health important in sport?

A professional athlete can inhale 40,000 liters of air a day, four times more than a normal person. If the nose is not in perfect condition, this intense respiratory activity can fatigue and affect the athlete´s health.

Our nostrils filter, clean, moisten and warm the air we breathe, helping it to arrive in optimal conditions to the lungs. In hte presence of nasal respiratory obstruction we breathe more through the mouth, reducing cell oxygenation and increasing respiratory rate and heart rate.

This has important consequences for people who practice sports regularly: underperformance, lack of concentration, fatigue the day after sport, absences in training, heart disease in the long run.

Good nasal breathing improves oxygenation of the blood and, consequently, improves the body´s overall functioning.

What can the Rhinology Clinic offer me?

At our Rhinology Clinic we will study your nasal health in depth, taking into account the level of physical activity you perform. If we see that you are not functioning in optimum conditions, we will offer a personalized course of treatment.

The medical examination consists of: a thorough examination of the airways, allergy testing, analysis of nasal permeability, the assessment of pulmonary function and age.

If necessary, we will supplement the study with other tests.

Each case is different. We will find the best way to optimize your nasal health and your athletic performance. There are many options:

Workshop on breathing and oxygenation to learn exercises and train inhaling through the mouth and nose and control breathing rate during physical activity. This will improve performance and reduce fatigue.

Medical treatment and / or surgery to solve a nasal obstruction problem.

Acupuncture sessions to: increase stamina during physical effort, improve defenses (athletes are constantly exposed to climate changes that can reduce their physical ability), increase aerobic and anaerobic endurance, reduce lactic acid accumulation, improve the distribution of glucose.

Tobacco significantly affects your performance during physical activity. If you play sport, it is highly recommended to stop smoking. Our workshop to quit smoking can be very useful for this objective.

Good nasal health when practicing sport helps you perform better and tire less.

If you have any questions, please contact us. We will answer your questions with pleasure.

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