Barcelona: Teknon Clinic

Dra. Colomé is in charge of the Nasal Respiratory Obstruction Unit , which provides a comprehensive response to nasal obstruction problems, with the support of professionals from the Teknon Campus in all areas related to the respiratory unit.

In addition to offering consulting services, Dr. Colomé performs rhinological surgeries at Teknon Medical Center. Teknon Medical Center is known for the high quality of its medical and care service. The combination of the best technology with personalized care of excellence has made it one of the leading hospitals in Spain. The patients of the Maria Colomé Rhinology Clinic enjoy all the services and equipment of this space.

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Internationally accredited center

El Teknon Medical Center has the American Joint Commission International accreditation and the accreditation of acute hospital care centers of the Generalitat of Catalonia. It is one of the few Spanish centers with the two distinctions.

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Exceptional medical equipment

The Teknon Medical Center has more than 400 specialists working with the most advanced technology: 20 fully equipped operating rooms, Intensive Cures Unit, latest technology diagnostic services, laboratories, surgery services 24 hours a day, 365 days a day.

Comfort in the spaces and in the treatment

A good environment and good treatment facilitate the recovery of patients. The Teknon Medical Center has 300 individual rooms with TV and individualized air conditioning, and 19 comfortable and bright suites. You will receive personalized professional attention at all times, from admission to discharge.

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Teknon Club

Teknon Club offers private patients exclusive, friendly, and personal services. It also offers, if necessary, a personal assistant in the language you required. During admission, the patient´s companions can also enjoy the services of the club.