Oenology, gastronomy and perfumery

Professionals and amateurs in the ambit of gastronomy, wine or perfume need to have a sense of smell in optimum conditions. A general review of the nasal organ could detect and prevent many problems of smell and taste.

If tasting food, smelling wine or distinguishing perfumes play an important role in your life, you should make sure that you breathe well and your sense of smell is in perfect condition.

What role does nasal health play in gastronomy, wine or perfume?

Through breathing, olfactory cells are stimulated in the roof of the nose. If there is some kind of nasal occlusion, the stimulus decreases, reducing or altering the ability to smell.

The decrease of smell is usually gradual, making it difficult to perceive. Many people may believe they have a normal sense of smell when it is in fact deficient.

To enjoy good food, get the most out of a wine tasting, or clearly perceive the nuances of different perfumes your nose should be in perfect condition.

Several nasal problems can lead to a decrease in or alteration of smell:

  • nasal obstruction: if the air does not arrive properly to the olfactory filters, you cannot perceive odours correctly
  • deviation of the nasal wall area: when the nasal wall area is deformed, inflammation can occur resulting in smell diminishing
  • inadequate breathing habits : many people breathe incorrectly without knowing it. Bad breathing habits can lead to nerve atrophy from disuse or misuse, which often worsens olfactory acuity.
  • frequent colds result in loss of olfactory power.
  • tobacco: Smoking impairs the sensitivity of smells and tastes

Disturbances of smell almost always involve alterations in taste perception.

What can the Rhinology Clinic offer me?

At our Rhinology Clinic we study your nasal health in depth.

The medical examination consists of:

  • a comprehensive review of the respiratory tract and nose to detect or rule out diseases
  • a study to assess the degree and acuity of smell
  • specific tests as appropriate, if necessary

If we find problems, and we see that the degree of olfaction could be improved, we will offer a personalized treatment so you can perform well and make the most of activities related to smell and taste.

There are different ways to enhance and correct olfactory function:

  • medical treatment and / or surgery to solve a problem of nasal obstruction
  • zinc treatment to improve olfactory ability
  • At our workshops on Breathing and oxygenation to learn to breathe properly through the nose and improve stimulating the olfactory bulb. This will allow you to get the most out of your nose’s capacity.
  • We offer workshops to manage stress. As you learn to regulate stress and breathe better, you will optimize smell.
  • Use of complementary therapies to enhance the immune system and prevent frequent colds and flu
  • memory exercises to stimulate, strengthen and restore the sense of smell

Tobacco decreases olfactory ability significantly. If you want to fully enjoy the taste of the food, smell the aroma of wine or perfume, it is important to stop smoking. Our workshop to quit smoking can be very useful.

If you have any questions, please contact us. We will answer your questions with pleasure.

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