Pacientes y médicos explican retos y satisfacciones de la cirugía nasal
Más de veinte años dedicados a la cirugía nasal. Personas operadas de la Clínica Rinológica explican cómo han vivido la experiencia y cómo han ganado en calidad de vida. La Dra. Colomé explica, en algunos casos, cómo se ha enfocado desde el punto de vista médico.

Agradecemos muy sinceramente la colaboración de todas las personas que han participado en este apartado de la web. Para respetar la privacidad de los pacientes que así lo desean, algunos casos aparecen sin fotos, o con filtros.

Agradecemos muy sinceramente la colaboración de todas las personas que han participado en este apartado de la web. Para respetar la privacidad de los pacientes que así lo desean, algunos casos aparecen sin fotos, o con filtros.

J.R.N. 34 year old man.

X.B.P. 32 year old man

E.G.B. 42 year old woman

A.S.C. 25 year old woman

E.R.M. 32 year old woman

C.B.B. 26 year old woman

L.Z.J. 29 year-old woman

“Es fabuloso”

Rhinoplasty, septoplasty and radiofrequency turbinate surgery.

The patient

I had to solve my breathing problems at any cost. Aside from the nasal obstruction I had allergic rhinitis, which meant even more breathing difficulties and I snored. In addition, I do a lot of sport and not breathing properly was affecting my performance a lot.

The aesthetics were a secondary issue, but as I had to have surgery, I took advantage of it to solve two problems at once.

I chose the Rhinology Clinic because I trusted the Teknon Medical Centre.

The treatment I received at the clinic has been excellent. Everything is well protocolized, the tests, visits … and I like that. Everything has been very easy. The information given in the Informed Consent and in the operations visit is clear and the vocabulary is tailored to the “non-experts” so we can understand .

The result of the operation has been fantastic. I did the acupunture postoperative treatment and three days later I could breathe, it was a strange feeling for me, after so many years of not being able to breathe through both nostrils.

Before my surgery I often had colds and snored. Now I don´t snore any more, breathe perfectly and I almost never get a cold. It’s fabulous.

The Oxygenation Workshops as part of my postoperative rehabilitation helped a lot . It´s made me aware of my breathing and now I apply what I have learned day to day.

I am also very happy with the cosmetic part, and I still recognize myself in the mirror. I almost don´t even notice the change, but I feel much better. My co-workers say I look a lot better and I’m happy.

s I lead a pretty intense life and I am pretty stressed, before the operation I also did the Quality of Life Study (like passing your car for a registration check!). It helped me to know myself better, to be aware of what I am like and try to lead a quieter life.

I would recommend it to everyone!

J.R.N. 34 year old man

The medical team

The patient´s nasal pyramid presented with rhinomegaly, lateral nasal deviation and nasal tension. Exploration of the nostrils indicated septum dysmorphia affecting the posterior area associated with hypertrophy of both inferior turbinates. This caused poor tubal ventilation, which in turn caused constant ear blockage.

We performed a septoplasty and turbinate surgery with radiofrequency technique, which helped us to reduce and shape the turbinates in the least invasive manner.

“I was scared, but the experience was very good”

Rhinoplasty, septoplasty and turbinate surgery with radiofrequency.

The patient

At the age of 13 I had a very strong nasal trauma and my nose looked very bad and I couldn’t breathe properly. I went to different doctors who advised me that I should wait to get older since the nose was not yet fully formed. So the years went by and I stopped giving importance to the nasal problem I had.

Around the age of 30 I began to notice the effects of the trauma I had. I did not breathe well, I did sports and I got very tired, at night I had sleep apneas …

I started looking for information on the Internet and the truth is that I was very scared, everything that comes out is the worst thing that can happen to you. I spoke with people who had had nose surgery and they encouraged me to do it, they said I would not regret it. But instead people who had not gone through the experience told me to think about it because it was a complicated and dangerous surgery.

I kept looking and found the Rhinology Clinic, I liked it and requested an appointment. I was very happy with Dr. Colomé’s explanations, so I opted for surgery. Dr. Colomé did not induce me to change my nose, on the contrary she told me, what do you want? And together we were outlining what it would be like. She was my guide and she respected what I wanted.

The most important thing for me was not only the issue of breathing, but that the aesthetic part was as less aggressive as possible, I didn’t want a beastly impact on my face. I wanted it natural. I wanted to have the nose that I had before the trauma.

I was scared, but the experience was very good. The operation went very well, it was very fast. On the postoperative period I have to say that I had no pain, I don’t know how it was with the rest of the patients, but I didn’t have pain, I would say I had discomfort, but I had no pain. I remember a bit of pain when the nasal packing was removed, but it lasted very little. From this moment, if I was already happy with how everything had gone, I was even more when I began to see the results, I noticed that I was breathing better and I had the nose that I wanted. For me the experience has been so good that I have forgotten the experience of the bad parts.

To this day on an aesthetic level I am very happy. I look at the pictures before the trauma and I look the same. We have achieved what I was looking for. Regarding to the functional issue also very well, I breathe perfectly, I do sports and I don’t get tired.

The Clinic very well, I am glad I had surgery here. I was very well treated at all times. I also did acupuncture, about 5 or 6 sessions, and the truth is that it helped me a lot, especially at the beginning which is when I noticed it more.

The only negative aspect that I would highlight is the waiting time for Dr. Colomé to attend you. It is the only negative aspect that I could highlight, the rest all perfect. I have had a very good experience.

X.B.P. 32 year old man

The medical team

In this case, we perform a closed technique rhinoseptoplasty, removing a small hump and sharpening the tip a bit. The functional part was resolved with septoplasty and very conservative radiofrequency turbinate surgery. The challenge was to get the shape of the nose the patient had before the trauma. Acupuncture, once again, minimized the postoperative period, reducing inflammation, bleeding and pain.

“Per mi tot ha estat molt senzill!”

Rhinoplasty, septoplasty and radiofrequency turbinate surgery.

The patient

I had been told from different otolaryngologists that I needed surgery, but I was terrified of the thought of an operation and let time go by. Besides, doctors I had seen didn´t inspire my trust or confidence.

When my breathing problems got worse, my allergologist recommended Dr. Colome. I went to see her at the Rhinology Clínic and in that same visit I knew that I wanted to have surgery and that I wanted have surgery with Dr. Colome. I trusted her immediately.

Because I had to have surgery for the functional issue anyway I made the most of it and had cosmetic surgery too. Dr. Colome explained everything to me really well. I told her my concerns and exactly what I wanted. I did not want a radical change, and Dr. Colome understood that perfectly. I did not want typical nose surgery. I did not want to change my appearance, I wanted to continue being myself, to keep my personality. Dr. Colome gave me good vibes, the whole explanation was very normal, very sincere. It was all very simple for me!
The day of the operation I felt the typical fear you feel before entering an operating theater, but it went fine. I didn´t notice anything! Everything went very well. When I woke up too. The days following the operation, with the nasal packing, were actually better than I had imagined. In fact, everything was easier than I had imagined. Even the removal of the nasal packing was less painful than I thought, and very fast.

After a week of surgery I was already very well. No bruising or swelling, breathing better every day, detecting smells … fantastic!

Acupuncture worked for me. I guess that helped me with the bruising and pain, and also with the issue of fibrosis at the tip of my nose.

I like the shape of my nose now, I am still the same, my appearance hasn’t changed. If I had known, I would have done it before.

I felt really well treated by the team. I’m happy because they listened to me, the change in my appearance isn´t noticeable, and I kept my personality. I just wanted to correct a couple of small things I didn´t like and we did! I still see myself when I look in the mirror.

E.G.B. 42 year old woman

The medical team/strong>

EGB´s nose of the had a saddle hump and thick skin. The main difficulty, however, was very thick triangular alar cartilage and and a “drop shape” fall . We performed a rhinoseptoplasty via closed technique and we were able to soften those features.

“Se ha cumplido todo lo que deseaba con la operación”

Rhinoplasty, septoplasty and turbinate surgery.

The patient

Ever since I was a teenager I had a complex about my nose. It affected my self-confidence, and my self-esteem. I never let anyone take my picture. When I was in school people made comments, and this left a lasting mark on me. Because of my nose I couldn´t see the beautiful things I had.

I knew very well what I wanted from the operation: I wanted to feel more secure, increase my self esteem and feel better about myself. I was worried about the outcome, but not the surgery.

I wanted a natural-looking nose so that people would not realize I had had an operation. I did not want a crooked nose, or to be able to see the nostrils.

Dr. Colome made a very good first impression on me. When I came to visit her, I knew that I wanted cosmetic surgery, but had not ever thought that I would also need a functional part.

I thought I was breathing fine but in fact I wasn´t, I had a very deviated nasal septum. So I took advantage of the same intervention to do the cosmetic and functional parts.

I didn´t tell anyone that I was having surgery, only one friend. I wasn´t nervous, I was excited about what this operation would mean to me. I was more nervous on the day of the preoperative visit than the day of the operation.

During the operation I didn´t feel anything. When I woke up from the anesthesia, the first thing I saw was Dr. Colome, and that made me feel secure. She told me that everything had gone well, so I felt safe with her at my side.

When I arrived at my room and I looked at myself in the mirror it was not as bad as I thought. I was told it would be worse and when I saw myself I was not scared, I was fine.

The three days with the packing were very difficult for me, all I had to do everything through the mouth and it got me down. When Dr. Colome removed the packing I saw the light, what a relief!.

That same day she showed me how my nose was and I loved it, even though it was swollen, I already liked the result. I was so excited.

Everyone tells me I’m gorgeous. Even people who do not know that I had the operation tell me I’m beautiful. People even ask me if I have changed my hair.

I’m very happy. It has increased my self-confidence, my self-esteem … all my psychological issues are better . I feel it and others do too. I got everything I had hoped for from this operation. Not only the cosmetic results, but the functional and personal ones too.

Many people tell me that I have been very bold to have nasal surgery, but people do not know what it meant for me.

Everything went better than I imagined and if I was reborn with the same problem, I would do it again, and certainly would do it here with Dr. Colome and her team.

A.S.C. 25 year old woman

The medical team

In this case we performed cosmetic and functional rhinoplasty, a septoplasty and inferior turbinate surgery.

The surgery was difficult because the patient had short thick bones, which could cause some instability if the nasal dorsum is not properly closed. We solved the problem with a graft from the same patient, which we used to form the pyramid cartilage.

We must be alert to possible fibrosis due to skin thickness at the tip of the nose. Treatment with acupuncture has helped us in this case.

The results are very positive, even though we still need more time to reduce inflammation.

“Me reconozco, soy yo misma”

Cosmetic and functional surgery

The patient

I came because I noticed I couldn’t breathe well. Also, my husband has a very good nose and I did not notice any smell. I also do sport and felt that I wasn´t getting enough air.

It was the first time I had seen a otolaryngologist. I searched through the Teknon web, I searched the Internet, I looked at the website of the Rhinology clinic and from what I could see, I liked the philosophy of Dr. Colome and her team. I made an appointment and I visited Dr. Colome.

Dr. Colome conducted the tests and exploration, and concluded it was a matter of the nasal wall area, requiring surgery. As for the cosmetic issue, I would not have done the operation only for aesthetic reasons, but she proposed it and I thought that since I had to come to surgery, why not do both.

I had the operation on Thursday, just a week ago.

My family, my husband and I are very happy with all the information given to us. Dr. Colome has been very attentive at all times.

I watched a video of the operation on the Internet to see how it would be. What scared me was the general anesthesia. Dr. Colome told me it would not be a very deep anesthesia and I would wake up easily and so it was. As for the cosmetic side, I was worried about how it would look. Dr. Colome told me in detail but there’s always that uncertainty.

I thought I would look shocking. Everyone says you swell up, and have many bruises … but it was much less than I expected.

I had a very good postoperative period. The 4 days with nasal packing isn’t painful, it’s like you have a massive cold, you have blocked ears, and you have to breathe through your mouth. It is rather annoying, but not painful. The packing removal was not great, but I was expecting worse. It makes an impression on you but it´s do-able.

I had the operation week ago. It doesn´t hurt now. I’m happy because I’m recovering very quickly. Dr. Colome recommended doing some acupuncture and the truth is that the swelling and bruising have gone down quickly. For me it went very well.

I really like the aesthetic result, we have made some small changes, I still recognize myself, I am still the same person, not someone else. With regard to the functional outcome I feel the difference with regard to breathing. I notice how much air enters the nose. Before I had a severe blockage, it was as if I always had a cold .

In short I am very happy with all the results. I am very satisfied with all the information given to me by my doctor and her team.

E.R.M. 32 year old woman

The medical team

We performed cosmetic and functional rhinoplasty, septoplasty and radiofrequency turbinate surgery.

The photographs here are a week after the operation, having done post-surgical treatment with acupuncture. You can still observe some strain on the face because of the inflammation.

We wanted to show recent results so you can see what the nose is like and the rest of the face only a week after surgery. It must be said that this patient has very fine white skin with more capillary fragility than a person with dark skin.

The little bruising and inflammation observed disappeared in a few days.

“Ya puedo hacerme fotos de perfil”

Rhinoplasty, septoplasty and radiofrequency turbinate surgery.

The patient

4 years ago another doctor operated on my vocal cords because I was always hoarse. But after the operation and following rehabilitation I didn’t improve. My doctor said maybe the nose could have something to do with it.

Apart from that, I always had a bit of a complex because my nose was large, the bone protruded quite a bit. I did not like my profile and would not let people take pictures of me.

I had always been a little scared of surgery. A friend told me that a friend had a nose operation at the Rhinology Clinic. I spoke personally with him and he told me everything had gone perfectly, that I should put myself in Dr. Colome´s good hands.

At the first visit, Dr.. Colome told me that I had to have nasal surgery because functionally my nose did not respond as it should. And I told her to take advantage of the operation to do the cosmetic part too. So I could “kill two birds with one stone.”

The doctor was very clear. She made me feel very safe and gave me peace of mind. She told me that I would improve my appearance but retain my essence, my naturality, looking for a nose that would be harmonious with my face. This was the fear I had, to end up with an unnatural nose. I knew it wouldn’t get worse than it was, but there was always the fear to say how will I end up?, Will I like myself or not?

And the truth is that it was perfect. I got a super natural nose. I’m very happy. Now I really like my nose!

During the postoperative period I did acupuncture and the truth is that it went really well. I had already done acupuncture previously. With it I improved very quickly, in the first two days I had improved a lot, it was almost a miracle! It also relaxed me a lot.

Now I would like to return for a small adjustment, to improve it a bit more. So in a year or so I will make a small change, although my mother and my friends say I do not need it, that it´s perfect the way it is.

Dr. Colome also believes that the result is very good, but says it’s very important that I am satisfied. So probably after the summer I’ll do a little adjustment, it is only a little thing I would like to change.

Now I don´t have a complex, Now I can have pictures taken of my profile. I’m really very happy with the result.

The functional part has gone well too. I feel a little dryness, but I haven´t got my medical discharge yet. But I am much better than before. I notice my nose is more open. I am better rested, before I had neck pain, now I do not notice it. I wake up in the morning feeling refreshed.

C.B.B. 26 year old woman

The medical team

In this case we performed aesthetic and functional rhinoplasty, septoplasty and radiofrequency turbinate surgery.

The patient had a excessively projected tip with no harmonic profile. One of the challenges was to keep her expression, that had a lot of personality.

“Se nota pero no se nota al mismo tiempo”

Rhinoplasty, septoplasty and radiofrequency turbinate surgery.

The patient

I´ve had major breathing problems since I was very young. My parents are doctors and they recommended Dr. Colome. When I was small, I fell and hurt my nose . As I was growing the nose grew crooked, and had a dent on the top. I could not breathe well, and had sinusitis each year.

The otolaryngologist I had always seen proposed radiofrequency turbinate surgery and things improved but I still had the problem of the crooked nasal wall.

I supposed I had to operate because I had already been told by several doctors and Dr. Colome confirmed this. I had not considered the aesthetics but I had to go into the operating theater so I thought , come on. It was a small thing to do..

I was scared, but it was nothing. Everything went very well. I was off work for only 10 days and then I went back to work as usual.

The postoperative period was very good. I did acupuncture and homeopathy treatment, which went really well. I would not ever have thought that. I was very nervous about the operation and acupuncture helped me a lot before and after the operation.

I had no bruises, well, very little, almost nothing, I wasn´t like other people who have surgery and have bruises for weeks. I had no problem.

I also did the Oxygenation Workshop. I started it shortly after surgery. I liked it a lot. I realized that apart from my physical problem of the crooked wall area, I didn´t breathe properly, and had many bad breathing habits. I remember Angels asked me, “are you already breathing deeply?” And I saw I wasn´t. I didn´t have correct posture either. It was rehabilitation and re-education. You learn a lot. I had a great time and it was fun.

Since the operation the symptoms I had are much better. I have not had more sinusitis. The problem is that I smoke and that doesn´help. But as for the rest, perfect.

As for the cosmetic side it was fine too, I am very happy, although I didn´t have a complex. You see it but you don´t really notice it. No one realized, people haven´t noticed it. But when you look at pictures, that is when you see it. It was something very subtle. The nose looks smaller but it’s not, I like that.

The operation was very complicated because I had already had surgery before and there was a lot of fibrosis. I wasn´t aware of it but the doctor told me afterward that he had to work hard.

I should have done it earlier. I tell everyone to do it and to come here. It´s also changed my sleep, now I sleep much better.

As a conclusion I have to say that I am very happy.

L.Z.J. 29 year-old woman

The medical team

Children fall frequently. With the development of the nasal septum the nasal pyramid develops and septum grows in line with the vomer bone. When the septum does not grow in this line due to trauma, there may be serious functional and aesthetic consequences, as in this case.

As a result of the fall, the patient had recurrent sinusitis. In this case turbinate surgery alone would not have solved the problem, because the cause is traumatic everything that was twisted had to be remade surgically.

At the workshops she retrained her breathing, improving her respiratory rehabilitation. It was a complicated case surgically speaking but it all went very well.