Barcelona: Headquarters

The Maria Colomé Rhinological Clinic offers at its headquarters in Barcelona, all the services of the multidisciplinary team of professionals: rhinology, otorhinolaryngology, nursing, speech therapy, psychology, complementary medicine.

Located on Via Augusta – very close to Avinguda Diagonal -, the Rhinology Clinic is equipped with the highest medical technology, in an exclusive environment, where all the details are taken care of.

Clínica Rinològica Maria Colomé - Rinoplàstia 7

An exclusive space

At the Rhinology Clinic we want our patients to feel comfortable at all times, and receive excellent treatment.

The headquarters can be reached by public transport and there are car parks nearby. See more details if you wish.

An Excellent treatment

From the reception and coordination, and the nursing team, we accompany the patient during his visit, in everything that is needed.

We offer you detailed information about your process, so that you have no doubts about the different steps and procedures you have to perform.

We make sure that each visit is the most complete, and that patients can be tested and receive the necessary treatments at the Clinic itself.