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Over 20 years serving patients with nasal problems.
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The Maria Colomé Rhinology Clinic :

The nose can cause functional, psychological and emotional problems. We address these globally to find effective solutions. To improve your quality of life.

Aesthetics and function together

Cosmetic Surgery in the hands of experts in the nasal organ. A harmonious nose has to function well.


So many patients have had surgery with us. So many people are fully satisfied with their results.

Programs for professionals


An athlete with good nasal health performs better and becomes less fatigued

Performing arts and media

The prevention and treatment of voice, hearing, and breathing problems are key for singers, teachers and communicators.

Good Health Workshops

Want to quit smoking?

Quitting is entirely possible if you follow the right path. At our Quit Smoking workshop, we study each case and design individually customized and effective treatments. Many people have stopped smoking. You can too.


Stress can cause serious health problems and compromise wellbeing. Our Workshop for Treatment and Prevention of Stress will help you learn techniques to detect and manage the factors that trigger stress. Living another way is possible.

Breathe properly?

Without knowing it, many people suffer health problems due to inadequate breathing. Our Workshop for Breathing and Oxygenation will help you learn to master techniques to breathe properly and attain better oxygenation of the whole body. It will improve your health and wellbeing.

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