Nasal health and vocal health are closely related. At our Rhinology Clinic we study each person´s case from a global perspective, so that professionals in the arts and media can work in optimal conditions.

Singers, musicians, actors, lawyers, professors, teachers, presenters … many professionals need good vocal and nasal health to perform their job properly.

La Ciencia de la Salud – Episodio 2 – Respira. TV2

“Con respecto a la voz, tenemos que considerar el papel que tiene la nariz para la respiración.”

Why is nasal and oral health important in media and arts?

The vocal organs are closely related to the nose. Nasal diseases and poor breathing habits can affect both the quality of the voice and the condition of the larynx.

During extensive voice use, air passes frequently through the mouth, which remains closed during relatively short periods.

This makes the mouth dry, oxygenates saliva and inhibits the action of salivary glands, ultimately compromising the quality of the voice. These problems are aggravated if there are nasal injuries because it intensifies the passage of air through the mouth.

Breathing well through the nose is essential because it allows professionals: to prevent dry mouth by shutting more often and increasing secretions of saliva and alkaline, essential for vocal quality, to relax during vocal rest to reduce fatigue of the larynx, to streamline nasal flaring, to enhance oxygenation, to adequately oxygenate the body, to ensure the air pressure needed for good vocal function.

Musicians who play wind instruments need to have excellent nasal health.

“La música después de la operación suena distinta, es mucho más humana, libre y fluye.”

La Ciencia de la Salud – Episodio 2 – Respira

What can the Rhinology Clinic offer me?

At our Rhinology Clinic we study your nasal health in depth, taking into account the use you make of the voice in your daily and professional life. If we see that the respiratory organ is not in optimum conditions, we will offer you personalized treatment.

We focus on cases from different disciplines such as otolaryngology, voice surgery, phoniatry and speech therapy. When necessary, we also work with pulmonologists, allergists, and endocrinologists.

The medical examination consists of: thorough examination of the airways shape and functional view voice in action (videolaryngostroboscopy), acoustic analysis of the voice, field study of vocal and vocal range profile (phonetogram), study the vibration cycle of the vocal cords along the glottis (electroglottogram), assessment of hearing, global postural study.

If necessary, we supplement the study with other tests.

Each case is different. Working together, Otorhinolaryngologists and Speech Pathologists find the best way to optimize your nasal and vocal health. There are many options: voice reeducation and rehabilitation to create habits for an appropriate voice use.

Our workshop on Breathing and oxygenation is designed to learn to make the most of breathing properly and oxygenate the body.

Medical treatment and / or surgery to solve a problem of nasal obstruction or vocal cord pathology.

Bionutritional profile, to establish the most appropriate dietary patterns to guarantee the health of mucous membranes involved in respiration and phonation.

Treatment with complementary therapies to improve the functionality of the mucosa and mucociliary apparatus and regulate the immune system in the process of infection or allergy.

Smoking significantly impairs breathing and oxygenation of the body. Our workshop to quit smoking can be very useful.

If you have any questions, please contact us. We will answer your questions with pleasure.

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