Snoring laboratory

Snoring occurs when the flow of air breathed encounters an obstruction by passing behind the mouth and nose or lower passages such as the larynx. The most exaggerated form of snoring is sleep apnea where frequent episodes of respiratory arrest due to obstruction occur.

The causes of snoring can be different: lack of muscle tone in the mouth and throat, muscle relaxation by alcohol or sleeping pills, dimension tonsils, palate or uvula, deformities of the nose or overweight.

The person who suffers from chronic snoring, or those who snore in any position or disrupt family life, have to make a good diagnosis and seek a medical solution to ensure that obstructive sleep apnea is not a problem for them.

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The diagnosis of snoring and sleep apneas is complex because different pathologies can lead to similar symptoms.

In the Snoring Laboratory a complete examination is carried out – of the nose, mouth, palate, throat, larynx and neck – to arrive at an accurate diagnosis on the severity of snoring and the consequences it may have for your health . According to each case, complementary examinations are carried out.

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