We designed a workshop that incorporates a wide range of therapies and techniques to quit smoking. We address your smoking problem globally and efficiently. We facilitate your process of giving up smoking and increase your likelihood of sustained success.

¿Necesito hacer el taller para dejar de fumar?

The psychological addiction to smoking can be much stronger than the physical addiction, which is why so many smokers are unable to keep away from tobacco in times of stress, anxiety or euphoria.

To quit for life, it is fundamental that you know yourself and discover ways to manage your anxiety and dependency. We approach the problem from a global perspective.

If you have already tried to quit without succeeding, or if you think it is too hard to do, you probably need the kind of support that we offer in our Quit smoking workshop

¿What do I gain from giving up smoking?

First, your body will be freed from the effects of more than 4,000 toxic substances, some of them highly poisonous and carcinogenic, such as carbon monoxide, tar, nickel or naphthalene.

Because smoking affects every organ of the body and its overall function, quitting will improve your state of health on many levels:

After 20 minutes without smoking your blood pressure and your heart rate improves.
After 72 hours without smoking you start to breathe easier thanks to the changes that occur in the bronchial tubes.
After 5 years without smoking, the risk of a heart attack is reduced considerably.
After 10 years without smoking, the risk of lung cancer is also reduced.
Managing to give up smoking is a great satisfaction. And a liberation.

Will I be able to give up?

Yes, if you are motivated and willing to make an effort. Here at our Rhinology Clinic we can help you quit smoking with a with a program to help you break the habit that we tailor to your circumstances.

We use strategies to keep you motivated, we monitor your progress via telephone, e-mail or Skype during treatment, we help you handle anxiety with different techniques: counselling, relaxation techniques and breathing, acupuncture, therapeutic massage, weight control and the establishment of dietary guidelines, prescription drug therapy or nicotine replacement therapy (gum or patches), where desirable Ear, nose and throat, cardiac and pneumologic checks.

We measure how your health Improves from having stopped smoking: measurement of CO2 in exhaled air, measure lung capacity and age, gustatory and olfactory assessment, medical tests (analytical and blood pressure)

Quitting smoking is very necessary. And it is possible.

Group, couple or individual sessions

There are a number of techniques and strategies that can help you control your pace of life and the constant stress that affects the functioning of your body. At our Rhinology Clinic we can help you reduce stress with a stress management program tailored to your circumstances, assessment of the level of stress, what are its triggers and how it is maintained, psychological exploration, medical examination, psychometric examination. Different stress management techniques: Support and Counseling, managing emotions, techniques to build immunity to stress, relaxation techniques and breathing. Use of complementary therapies: acupuncture, therapeutic massage.

For any question, please contact us.. To register for the workshop, please fill in the registration form, call 933 933 175 or write to info@clinicarinologica.com.