You used to ware glasses, right?

A.M.C. 22 year old man

Rhinoplasty, Septoplasty and Radiofrequency turbinate surgery

The patient

I came to the Rhinology Clinic because I had a significant deviation of the septum and because I had very long sinusitis, I couldn’t sleep. Any symptoms of a cold implied an infection. Dr. Colomé told me that I had to have surgery on the turbinates and since I had to undergo surgery, I decided to do the cosmetic part as well. I really did not have high expectations in terms of aesthetics as it was not my main concern, but still the operation went very well. The Center was very good and the room where they put me, spectacular.

The first time you see yourself with the nasal packing it scares a little, your nose is like a little pig. The first 3 postoperative days are difficult. The first nights are difficult to sleep and eat. Even with the same desperation there are moments when you think “why did I do it?” But it is worth it. I think it is normal to think about it when you are not feeling well. It’s only three days and that’s it. Think you can’t speak because you’re drowning, I didn’t feel like seeing anyone. Removing the nasal packing hurts. But it makes up for it. Suddenly you notice how the air gushes through your nose. It is important to continue with the postoperative indications: ointments, washes, do not touch it …

I breathe better, I am more aware of how to breathe. I would really repeat the experience and recommend it. It is worth doing it.

The initial symptoms I had have improved a lot. I have spent the first winter practically without catching a cold. Although, the allergies continue, it is not solved with the intervention, but they improve.

When it comes to acupuncture, at first I was quite skeptical, but I think it went well for me. I did not do homeopathy treatment because I am very reluctant and I did not need it either.

In general I have improved a lot. I sleep better, rest more. Frankly, few negatives.

It is important that people read all the information well. It is very important to understand everything well and have clear and realistic expectations.

People have not noticed the change in the operation, they tell me “you used to ware glasses, right?” and I have never worn. They think i Look better but they do not detect that it is because I had a nose surgery. This is very nice.

At first when you find yourself so down, maybe you are afraid that you did not do the right thing. But later you see it was worth it.

A.M.C. 22 year old man

The medical team

This patient had an external nasal deviation. These deviations from the pyramid are usually caused by trauma. The pyramid and the septum are totally displaced. “More than a doctor, an architect would have to see it,” I tell them many times. It is a structural problem, therefore the solution is always surgical. The challenge of the surgery in this case was to put the nose straight or in the middle, both the pyramid and the inner septum. A crooked nose has a great tendency to become crooked again. To achieve the best result, all internal tensions must be very well released.