I have never had a migraine again

A.R.L. 58 year old woman

Functional surgery

The patient

I had been suffering from severe migraines for 15 years, to the point that I did not want to continue living. Every week I was the same, with excruciating pain, I had a terrible time, my migraines could last 2 whole days, I vomited so much that they even had to admit me because I was dehydrated. Daily I felt intense pain right in the back of my eyes.

I went to many different doctors. I even went to an acupuncturist for 3 years to see if he would get rid of my migraines. A doctor detected chronic sinusitis, I have visited a lot of otolaryngologists, they referred me to a neurologist because they thought there might be a brain aneurysm.

No one ever told me I had a deviated septum. They gave me medication for sinusitis but none of them told me about surgery. I was swollen with medication and the pain I had did not go away. They even removed my gallbladder thinking it could come from there. I couldn’t go on like this, I was desperate.

Finally, an otolaryngologist from the Social Security told me that I needed an operation and he recommended the Teknon medical centre, because there were very good doctors. A colleague told me that she had undergone surgery at the Teknon with Dr. Colomé and that everything went very well, her headaches had gone away. So I didn’t think twice.

Dr. Colomé attended us personally on the first visit and did not hesitate for a moment: she told me that I had the septum deviated. She suggested fixing this aspect of the deviation first so that the sinuses could drain better and if necessary because the sinusitis was chronic, we would operate on the sinusitis later.

Since I had surgery until today I have never had a migraine again. Imagine how my life changed! 15 years suffering from horrible migraines.

With the septum and turbinate surgery we fix 80% of my problems. A few months later I had surgery with Dr. Colomé’s team for sinusitis, and with this we solved the 20% that remained.

Since I had surgery I want to go out, I have another energy, I rest, I am in a good mood … I used to wake up with aphonia, I was always tired and in a bad mood, I was generally lazy, angry with everyone … I was not well.

Today I can breathe perfectly, I have never had a headache or migraines again, I smell perfectly… why didn’t I meet Dra. Colomé before?

If you are not healthy you have nothing. I have been rejuvenated for 30 years. Blessed is the time I came to Dr. Maria Colomé! With these two operations my life has changed.

Regarding the operation, I was not afraid of any kind. They had told me that it was a very painful operation and I have to say that on the day of the operation I entered the operating room with a migraine, but I did not notice any pain, neither during nor afterwards.

For the removal of the nasal packing, I came with great fear, with panic. I met an acquaintance in the elevator that same day and he told me that it was horrible, that it hurt a lot. When I came in, Dr. Colomé told me, you’ll see how it’s nothing … well, I didn’t find out when she took them off!

In the second intervention I had a little worse. I had a bit of instability for about two weeks. I did acupuncture both times and I have to say it worked really well for the swelling, although it wasn’t very swollen, and for the pain as well.

A.R.L. 58 year old woman

The medical team

Headaches can be due to a multitude of causes. Nasal symptoms are often unrelated to headaches, as was the case with this patient.

What we did at the outset was to improve the ventilation of the nostrils and specifically the area of the operculum, which is a very reflexgenic point. With this, we greatly improved the symptom that the patient presented.

In a second stage, we proceeded to open the sinus drainage ostiums, which were fibrosed by different inflammatory processes, and the sinus polypoid mucosa. The instability that she presented was probably cervical.

With all this we achieve the total disappearance of headaches. We are pleased to see that we have significantly improved the quality of life at A.R.L.