My mood changed

C.V.F. 64 year old woman

Cosmetic and functional surgery

The patient

I had a domestic accident, I broke my nose on a ladder. I already had a septum problem, had allergic rhinitis and the blow was the trigger. Looking in the health insurance book I found Dr. Colomé. I found her a bit randomly, and luckily I found her!

I had been to the otolaryngologist many times and they had never told me about the turbinates problem. I used to spend 4 of the 7 days of the week with migraines, in a bad mood, not wanting anything. No one knows it better than the person who suffer it.

Dr. Colomé suggested to fix the functional part. I was not worried about the aesthetic issue, but since I was going to the operating room I took the opportunity to touch-up my nose.

I had surgery about 7 years ago I think, I don’t remember exactly, I no longer have headaches. I feel so good!

The surgery went very well. I was admitted one night. At home I didn’t have to take anything for the pain, just the antibiotic and that’s it. The unpacking was simple, you feel a pull of about a second and that’s it.

Today I am another person. I feel great. I no longer have migraines. My mood changed.

The aesthetic part went very well too, I do not find myself strange, I am still me. The nose goes with the personality, it is not necessary to modify it completely. There are noses that bear the stamp of the surgeon who made them, they are pathetic. I have the nose that goes with my face. I’m very happy.

I would do it again of course, I would not hesitate. I am very satisfied and grateful to Dr. Colomé. She is a very attentive and close person without selling you fake stories. She doesn’t try to change your appearance. She is a person who has helped me a lot.

For years, they gave me antihistamines for allergic rhinitis and that’s it. People didn’t care how bad I was. It’s something they could have solved before. I had to hit my nose to change my otolaryngologist, meet Dr. Colomé and find the way.

Of course I was right with Dr. Colomé.

C.V.F. 64 year old woman

The medical team

In this patient we performed septoplasty and turbinate surgery. We also harmonize the shape of her nose.

This patient’s problem was her rhinitis, which had several causes. In this type of case, the more causes we know, the closer we will be to the solution, since the treatment will be aimed at solving each of the causes.

Patients frequently tell me that their nasal allergy has improved a lot and we tell them that we have not operated on “allergies”, but that improving oxygenation improves the inflammation of the nasal mucosa and the consequent nasal symptoms.