They had to make me a whole new nose!

X.B.P. 21 year old man

Rhinoplasty, septoplasty and radiofrequency turbinate surgery

The patient

I had an operation two years ago with Dr. Colomé. I was referred to Dr. Colomé by a relative who had had a rhinoplasty and septoplasty and was very pleased, we were all happy with our results.

In the first visits the doctor was very blunt and clear that I had to have surgical intervention. 4 years before I had undergone surgery for nasal septum trauma and hypertrophic adenoids with another doctor. I had surgery when I was 15, when I was very young and when I grew older my nose became malformed. I had a really bad time of it. I was afraid the same thing might happen again. Finally I decided to do it.

Surgery with Dr. Colomé was much easier in every way than I had expected. The unpacking was nothing, whereas my previous experience had been terrible. I had no pain, just some discomfort. The acupuncture went really well, I relaxed and it helped me a lot.

It is a long process that is evolving every day. The results can´t be seen straight away, but what the doctor had predicted is slowly but surely coming about.

In my case the operation was complicated because I had undergone surgery previously, it wasn’t easy to operate again. I have great confidence in Dr. Colomé, and my parents and I liked Dr. Colomé from the start.

The results have been very good. There have been big changes as a result. I’m very happy.

My face was deformed by my nose. Reworking the nose harmonizes the whole face, as it has in my case. My nose was crooked, I could not smell, I could not breathe… I was in bad shape. It was really complicated. They had to make me a whole new nose!

I’m very happy with the results, I recommend it to everyone.

X.B.P., 21 year old man

The medical team

Many times we find it difficult to provide information on how the surgery will result when the patient has previously undergone surgical intervention, and even more so if they have had a bad experience, because the only way to assess how the internal structures have been altered is during the operation. There are many surgical techniques and each nose surgeon applies them according to his experience and expertise.

The doctor-patient relationship is very important, there must be mutual trust and each case must be analyzed specifically and we must clearly explain the pros and cons so that the patient can decide what is best for them.

In this case, even though we had to make a new nose, we were able to improve olfactory function, breathing and appearance.