There has been total improvement

C.G.G. 38 year old man

Septoplasty and nasal turbinates surgery

The patient

I went to the clinic for an ear issue. I was getting dizzy, felt an echo, and ringing in my ears… one day I even lost my balance , and I got very dizzy. It was then that I began to move on to find a solution.

I looked through the health insurance directory book and came to visit with Dr. Colome. She took great care of me. She looked at my nose and told me that my ear problems were coming from my nose.

I knew I had mucus in the ear, but I never thought it would come from the nose. I was very surprised that coming for a ear issue she looked at my nose too, discovering that it was in fact a nasal problem.

I was operated on in February 2012. There has been total improvement . I breathe better and notice it so much doing sport. Regarding the issue of the ears, now there is no problem, everything is resolved.

The operation went very well. I was hospitalized for one day.

The days with the nasal packing were a bit tedious and removing it was a very unpleasant feeling. We have to invent a better system, that has to change, surely we can invent something that is not so annoying! But hey, it was nothing that you caouldn´t put up with, really. I did acupuncture and that went very well.

Ever since the operation so far the change has been total. I’m very happy with everything and everyone. I´m very grateful for everything. Now I don´t have to go back for another year for a check-up.

C.G.G., 38 year old man

The medical team

It is well known that the ear and nose are connected by the Eustachian tube. If this is not properly ventilated it creates pressure differences that make the ear suffer, the eardrum is retracted and then what is known as serous otitis appears. It is for this reason that by improving nasal ventilation, the ear symptoms improved. It is very common to find cases like this patient.