Psychologically I was not prepared to have surgery

A.S.F. 54 year old man.

Septoplasty, turbinate surgery with radiofrequency and Nasosinusal Endoscopic Surgery.

The patient

From a very young age I have breathing problems. My nose was stuffed, I couldn’t breathe and I had a choking sensation. When I was 21 or 22 years old, I had a “Turbinectomy” operation. I remember that my right nostril bled a lot. The postoperative period was horrible, I had a very bad time. I became afraid of having the operation again. The results of the operation were not as expected. So I have always breathed through my mouth. I’ve gotten used to breathing like this.

About 2 years ago I had a complete check-up at work and asked to have my nose looked at. They told me that I had to have surgery, but out of fear I did not do it. I was letting time go by. Psychologically, I was not prepared to have surgery.

During a medical checkup they found polyps, a deviation of the nasal septum, problems with the turbinates … and they confirmed again that I had to operate. I came across a co-worker who recommended the Teknon to me. Searching, I found Maria and asked her for an appointment. Maria told me that I had to have surgery, but that it was also important to look at the person as a whole. I did the Emotional Profile before surgery and it helped me a lot. At this moment I felt psychologically prepared to face the operation.

The 3 days with nasal packing were difficult. I couldn’t breathe and I had a hard time adjusting to the situation. The nasal packing removal was complicated, I suffered a lot, it cost a lot to remove. I had a really bad time. But once it is removed, you improve a lot, and you rest.

I did acupuncture and noticed less pressure and decongestion. It worked out very well, but when I got home my nose got stuffy again.

With Dr. Uriel went very well. I follow the diets that she gave me and I have been exercising for a long time.

Everything has improved a lot, my self-esteem and my mood too. I feel very good.

A.S.F., 54 year old man.

The medical team

The patient had sinonasal polyposis, which today is considered a chronic inflammatory disease of the nasal mucosa. He had already undergone surgery on the nasal septum but a deviation persisted that compromised the entrance to the maxillary sinus.

We reoperated, improving sinonasal ventilation, but it was necessary to study the level of global inflammation. Dr. Uriel corrected the constitutional terrain of the patient, because a lack of nutrients leads to an internal imbalance and general inflammation of the body. We also helped him better manage his emotions, since this triggered the Sympathetic Nervous System producing more inflammation and causing the polyps to come out again. He did respiratory rehabilitation with the Oxygenation Workshops and we managed to significantly improve his symptoms. The results have been very good: the nasal symptoms have completely disappeared.