Now I think, why didn’t I do it before!

M.G.T. 48 year old woman

Septoplasty and nasal turbinates surgery

The patient

I had surgery in July 2011. I went to the Rhinology Clinic because I came to a point where I could not breathe, I felt like I was suffocating. At night I did not sleep, I had apnea and had to sleep in a specific position to avoid choking myself. I woke up tired, I didn’t perform at work.

I knew I had to have surgery, because I could not breathe. The truth is that after surgery it felt strange to have air passing through my nose, it had never happened before.

I was not particularly scared of any part of it. I preferred not to hear people’s comments about whether it hurt or not. I think everyone experiences it in their own way.

The only thing that worried me was not being able to breathe when you have the nasal packing, because I could not even breathe through the mouth. But everything went quickly and it was fine.

When I removed the plugs, it was a very good feeling, I suddenly noticed air rushing in.

The truth is that it´s all really good. Now I think, why didn´t I do it before!

M.G.T. 48 year old woman

The medical team

This is a very typical case that decreases the patient´s quality of life. MGT could not breathe. This caused poor oxygenation, thus she slept badly, woke up tired and could not perform properly. With the intervention we managed to reverse this cycle.