I notice so many more smells

M.V.B. 20 year old man

Functional surgery

The patient

I had always breathed through my mouth, and I did not know if it was related to my cleft lip. I was always told that I would have to have an operation.

In 2012 Dr. Pellicer and Dr.. Colomé performed surgery together. Everything went very well. The nasal blockage does not hurt, it’s just annoying. The day of the nasal unpacking does hurt, but it´s 15 seconds, nothing more.

From two weeks after the operation, I have unconsciously been breathing through the nose. I notice so many more smells Before the operation I had a reduced sense of smell and I was not even aware of it until now that I notice all smells .

I am better in general. Before, I was breathing wrong and effortfully. All that has changed. I’m very happy.

M.V.B., 20 year old man

The medical team

This is a case of nasal respiratory obstruction secondary to congenital cleft lip. There was no nasal permeability, so the patient was not breathing well and without being aware of it, had very little smell. He had a very rapid clinical improvement.