I loved what I saw

I.C.O. 22 year old woman

Cosmetic and functional surgery

The patient

I am from Tarragona and I came to visit with Dr. Colome through my insurance company. They recommended Dr. Colome and insisted that she was the one I had to see. I got an appointment quickly and from the first visit it was clear to me that I would have surgery with her. She made an effort to program the surgery as soon as possible.

I did not like my nose and as I had to operate for a functional issue I took advantage of the situation to have the cosmetic part done too, although it wasn´t my priority.

The first three days after surgery were terrible until the nasal packing was removed, then I felt much better. At least I could breathe again. I was afraid to see the results, to see what kind of a nose I had.

When I first saw myself it really hit me hard, but then I got such a “rush”! I loved what I saw, although I had only had surgery just a week ago.

I quickly started to notice changes in my breathing. In my case acupuncture helped me a lot in the process.

The medical team

This patient had many symptoms that accompanied her nasal obstruction: headaches, allergies, watery eyes, itchy nose, frequent colds …

We proposed a nasal septoplasty and turbinate surgery. As she did not like the shape of her nose we also opted for cosmetic rhinoplasty.
She had long proportionate factions with disharmony at the nasal pyramid. With rhinoplasty we softened her facial expression and we improved her appearance. The satisfaction is mutual.