I feel well, I don’t snore, and my breathing is perfect

S.G.U. 49 year old man

Septoplasty, nasal turbinates surgery and endoscopic sinus surgery

When I was 8 years old someone threw a stone at my nose. When I was 17 years old a doctor operated for nasal polyps inside the gum. I had two meters of gauze in each nostril and I didn´t have it unpacked till 21 days later. It was one of the worst experiences I have ever gone through. After 10 years the polyps came back. I let time pass, but I had to find a solution.

I was looking online and I found Dr . Colomé. I visited the site and I liked it a lot, so, despite the bad experience I had had before, I decided to undergo surgery again.

The unpacking was 3 days after the operation, and was very quick and easy.

Once I had finished surgery I also did the breathing and oxygenation workshop. I realized I could not breathe properly. I’ve relearned how to do it .

I have also had treatment with Dr. Uriel and it is going very well, I have lost 8 kg.

Today I feel well, I don´t snore, and my breathing is perfect.

S.G.U., 49 year old man

The medical team

Over the years surgical techniques have greatly improved. Currently with a small nasal incision we can remodel endonasal anatomical structures that are obstructed. The results are seen quickly and postoperative recovery is easy.

Oxygenation workshops help to improve respiratory physiology. Treatment with natural and bionutritional medicine helped the patient to lose weight. Being overweight is closely related to symptoms of nasal obstruction.