I didn’t want to continue like this

V.G.A. 25 year old woman

Septoplasty and radiofrequency turbinate surgery

The patient

I work in a hairdresser and a client told me about Dra. Colomé. I had always had allergies, since I was very young. I went to an allergist who told me that I had a mite allergy, but very little. This same doctor also told me about Dr. Colomé, so there were already two people who told me about her

Being a hairdresser all the products affected me a lot, I was blowing my nose all day, sneezing … since I have had surgery, mi life changed! My head doesn’t hurt, I sleep, I rest, I breathe. I used to wake up at 3 in the morning sneezing, drowning, I couldn’t breathe! It was horrible.

Upon seeing me, Dr. Colomé told me that my septum was deviated and upon inspection she saw that there was also a rhinitis problem. She proposed to do surgery and I decided quickly, I did not want to continue like this.

I was not afraid of the operation itself, I was afraid of the postoperative period because they had told me it was very bad, people tell you a lot of things.

Now that I have done it, and that I have experienced it firsthand, I would advise people to do it. Although I had a not quite good postoperative period. When I removed the nasal packing I had a very strong hemorrhage that we finally managed to stop. When I left the Rhinology Clinic I fainted in the parking and they took me to the emergency room at Teknon.

Despite all this I advise everyone to do it. Once all this happened, everything is perfect.

I sleep perfect, I don’t sneeze, I’m fine. Very happy.

I spent my whole life thinking it was an allergy and look … if they had told me this before, my life would have changed! I have visited to many doctors and they all told me that I had allergic rhinitis. The operation has changed my life. Now I am perfect. Supermarkets are in crisis because I no longer have to buy tissues, I used to spend 3-4 packages of Kleenex a day.

I was scared to work in the hairdresser because of the chemicals. But I have no problem, I spent 2 months working with a mask, but now that’s it, I don’t have to use it anymore.

The most curious thing of all is that when the inflammation goes down after the surgery and you see that you can breathe through both nostrils, it is a strange sensation, I have never felt it before, it is a good, satisfying sensation. Now I can breathe deeply, it’s perfect.

V.G.A. 25 year old woman

The medical team

Complications in nasal surgery occur rarely. The most frequent postoperative complication is nasal bleeding or epistaxis, which usually subsides with a simple anterior packing. In very few cases it is necessary to put the patient back to sleep, check the operative bed and coagulate a blood vessel that may be thicker.

In this case, a previous nasal packing solved the problem. This patient also presented a rejection of the suture material. Usually there is one or two points that fall on their own, since the material is reabsorbed. But having rejected it, we had to withdraw them, solving the local problem.

Despite the complications in this case, the results have been very satisfactory.