I didn’t want to be photographed

A.A.G. 31 year old woman

Rhinoplasty, Septoplasty and turbinate surgery

The patient

I lived 30 years with breathing problems. My father had had a surgery with Dr. Colomé and he was very happy with the operation. That’s why I decided to have an operation at the Rhinology Clinic. I also knew people who had undergone cosmetic surgery with the doctor and they had all done very well.

For me the main objective was to breathe well, but since I had to go to the operating room, I decided to improve the shape of my nose too.

I wasn’t afraid to go into the operation room, but I was a bit anxious to get out and not recognize myself in the mirror. I wanted a natural looking change, to continue to see myself after the operation. I’m very satisfied with the result.

Right after the operation I did not look very well, but after 2 days the swelling disappeared, and after 7 days I no longer had any bruise. I did homeopathy, and it helped me. Recovery was very quick and easy. The nasal packing was a bit uncomfortable, and removing it was painful but just for a moment.

I’m very happy with the results. I breathe a lot better, and I like the way I look. Before, I didn’t want to have profile pictures taken of me because I didn’t like it. Now I look good, I am not worried about having photos taken of me, I feel very good about myself. They have even improved my sexual relations, because before I could not breathe well, and it was horrible.

It has been an easy process, and a very positive one.

A.A.G. 31 year old woman

The medical team

The patient came to visit us when she was 14 years old and we advised her to wait until she was 18 to have a surgery. She returned 14 years later, 28 years old and determined to get into the operating room. The patient presented a bony hump, hypertrophy of the alar cartilages, dislocation of the quadrangular cartilage and hypertrophy of the turbinates.

We performed a closed rhinoseptoplasty technique and we managed to improve both the function and the aesthetics of the nose. The results have been very satisfactory, improving the quality of life of the patient significantly.