Dr. Colomé helped me a lot

M.F.G. 38 year old woman

Septoplasty, Nasal Turbinates Surgery and Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

The patient

I have been a patient of Dr. Colomé since the 90s. I was recommended by a friend who is a doctor. Dr. Colomé is tremendously professional. She has very clear categorical ideas. For me she is the mainstay of the Clinic. She is very innovative. She knows what she’s talking about, conveys confidence, and you believe in her. I also like the vision that she has about illness, it is a different medicine she practices, because not only does she consider the symptoms but everything about the person as well. For me this is so important, it is essential. I like how she treats illnesses! Dr. Colomé has helped me a lot.

I went to the clinic because I had a problem with nasal polyps. I was very reluctant to have surgery, but I was having a really hard time of it. I couldn´t breathe, and had to go out to the garden to breathe. I couldn´t handle it , it was unbearable. Finally she convinced me it was the only option I had. If I had to have an operation it had to be Dr. Colomé. And the truth is that it was fantastic. I remember the postoperative period was a pain, but I’m delighted now. I ‘m so grateful I had the operation.

My polyps are related to my emotional state. So I’m nervous that they might come back .

I did acupuncture treatment with Dr. Carlos Alsina and Dr. Dalmau and I am very happy. I liked Dr. Dalmau a lot. I was going through a very difficult situation and do not know how he did it but he helped me a lot. It went really well.

MFG , 38 year old woman

The medical team

MFG had severe polyposis associated with a septum deviation turbinate hypertrophy. This condition has a significant anxiety component, so we recommended complementary treatment in addition to surgery.

We performed a septoplasty with removal of the polyps and turbinate reshaping. In a second surgery we performed endoscopic surgery on all the nasal sinuses. This endoscopic surgery allows us to access areas that were previously only accessible by leaving large scars on the face. With this procedure the recovery was very fast and within hours the patient went home.