How patients explain their experiences

There is a before and after in nasal surgery. So many patients have had surgery with us. So many people are fully satisfied with their results. With each surgery we have a double objective: the satisfaction of patients and the satisfaction of our medical staff.

People who have had surgery at our Rhinology Clinic explain how the experience was for them and how they have gained in quality of life. The team of professionals focus on explaining each case from a medical point of view.

És fabulós

J.R.N. Home de 34 anys Veure més

Tenia por, però l’experiència va ser molt bona

X.B.P. Home de 32 anys Veure més

Per mi tot ha estat molt senzill!

E.G.B. Dona de 42 anys Veure més

S’ha complert tot el que desitjava amb l’operació

A.S.C. Dona de 25 anys Veure més

Em reconec, sóc jo mateixa

E.R.M. Dona de 32 anys Veure més

Ja puc fer-me fotos de perfil

C.B.B. Dona Veure més

Es nota però no es nota al mateix temps

L.Z.J. Dona de 29 anys Veure més

 Clinica Rinològica Maria Colomé displays the images of the patients with their prior and exclusive consent for this website.

We sincerely appreciate the cooperation of everyone in our Rhinology Clinic who participated in this section of the website following their surgery . To respect the privacy of the patients who so desire , some cases may not include photos, or pixelated photos have been used.

In our Rhinology Clinic medical excellence means getting the maximum outcome with the least invasive intervention, taking into account the welfare of patients at all times.

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