Dr Maria Colomé

Founder and Director Maria Colomé Rhinology Clinic

  1. International curriculum
    • Dr Maria Colomé graduated in Medicine and Surgery from the Autonomous University of Barcelona.
    • Specialization in cervicofacial surgery and otolaryngology at the University of Barcelona.
    • Title of European specialist in otolaryngology at the Università di Catania.
    • Expanded her training in Rhinology at the healthcare unit Locale di Imola (Bologna, Italy) with Professor Giorgio Sulsenti.
    • Learned endoscopic surgery techniques at Centre Hospitalier Universitaire of Vaudois (Lausanne, Switzerland) with Professor Savany.
    • Perfected techniques of endoscopic surgery and nasal sinuses in several centers in Europe and the United States.
    • Perfected surgery techniques Functional Nasal Aesthetics at the University of Illinois Medical Center and St. Joseph Hospital (Chicago, Illinois, USA) with Professor Dean Tardy.
    • She has taught in several national and international courses, and each year participates in specialized conferences around the world. She is co -author of several publications.
  2. Founder of centers and specialist teams
    • Founder and Director of:- Maria Colomé Rhinology Clinic since 1989- Rhinology Unit Teknon Medical Center since 1997- SpaMedic center of Integrative Medicine- TEKNOVEU (Teknovoice)
    • Founder of Nose Clinic, a Pathophysiology and Rhinologic Surgery Committee at the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona. This committee brought together several specialists (allergy, pulmonology and otolaryngology) to discuss multidisciplinary cases.
    • Consultant to High Performance (Sports) Centers and Health insurance for industrial accidents.
    • Responsible for the specialty of otolaryngology in various public and private hospitals (Chiron Hospital St. Santiago, Remei Clinic, Evangelical Hospital)
    • Organizing various international scientific conferences and symposiums in nasal pathology.
    • Pioneer in Europe in including Integrative Medicine in a super specialized center in the nose, along the lines marked by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM)
  3. Member of:
    • The Catalan Society of Otolaryngology
    • The Spanish Society of ENT
    • The Catalan Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
    • The Catalan Society for Sports Medicine
    • The European Society of Rhinology
    • The European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery
    • The College of Physicians of Barcelona (COMB)
  4. Trained with leading specialists

    ” I have been fortunate to have had great teachers around the world.

    With Professor Giorgio Sulcenti, I learned to integrate the functional and aesthetic aspects in all nasal surgery. This double axis is key in my career: for many years now I have contemplated all surgical cases taking into consideration the functional and aesthetic impact of the intervention.

    Later in Chicago I trained with Professor Dean, a professional person of great importance. His perfectionism motivated me to always look for excellence in surgical practice. With him I realized also the artistic side of rhinoplasty, and since then science and art have been inseparable for me when thinking about aesthetic nasal surgery.

    With Dean Tourimi I learned the open technique, and Professor Burget was my teacher in reconstructive surgery of the nose.

    With Dr. Domenech, my teacher and mentor, I learned very young that behind the symptom, there is always a person. And I’ve never forgotten.”

  5. Serious, rigorous, critical

    “I understand my profession in terms of absolutely rigorous protocols, techniques and honesty: we know what we can do, and what not. When. How. Under what circumstances.

    Cosmetic surgery is an especially delicate branch of medicine. It is an area that has tended to frivolity, simplification. And some people have suffered serious consequences, both to their health and psychological wellness. It is a major problem. And it is entirely avoidable.

    I find it crucial to do cosmetic surgery rigorously, taking into account not only external beauty, but the psychology of the person and the functions different organs have. In nasal medicine, it is essential that the nose has a vital function that determines the overall functioning of the body.”

  6. Sensitive to the needs of people

    “To keep your patients in mind when you return home after surgery, and make them feel that you care. To learn to listen and understand people who come to the clinic. To know how to find words that convey security and confidence. This, to me, is a fundamental part of medicine.

    As a surgeon, I am clear that scientific and medical technology are as important as the relationship I establish with my patients, and the professionals at our Rhinology Clinic. 

  7. Passionate about art and medicine

    “I feel I do my job well when I combine scientific rigor with artistic sensitivity, taste and empathy for details.

    I understand beauty as harmony, balance and personality. Move away from purely surface effects to find the shape of the nose that provides wellness and harmony with oneself.”