To improve your health and wellness, you need to change long-held engrained habits. We know that this is not easy. We offer practical workshops that promote the acquisition of healthy habits. You will be able to quit smoking. You will learn to fight stress and avoid it. You will learn to breathe properly.

Our Good Health Workshops at the Rhinology Clinic help change bad habits and improve your quality of life. Our workshops are effective, practical and personalized. You are in the hands of skilled professionals.

Want to quit smoking?

Quitting is entirely possible if you follow the right path. At our Quit Smoking workshop, we study each case and design individually customized and effective treatments. Many people have stopped smoking. You can too.


Stress can cause serious health problems and compromise wellbeing. Our Workshop for Treatment and Prevention of Stress will help you learn techniques to detect and manage the factors that trigger stress. Living another way is possible.

Breathe properly?

Without knowing it, many people suffer health problems due to inadequate breathing. Our Workshop for Breathing and Oxygenation will help you learn to master techniques to breathe properly and attain better oxygenation of the whole body. It will improve your health and wellbeing.