A malfunction of the nose can cause discomfort and health problems. We explore each case from a global perspective: we look at the person as a whole, not just the symptoms. The best way to find effective solutions.

Many years of experience have shown that nasal pathology can be responsible for problems of all types: functional, psychological and even social. Therefore at our Rhinology Clinic we address each case from a global perspective with a multidisciplinary team specializing in nasal diseases and their effects.

Do you suffer from any of these problems? We know how to improve your quality of life and health.

We carry out thorough examinations. We diagnose accurately. We determine solutions taking into account all the relevant factors.

We have advanced technology and a professional team who provide high quality excellent treatment. Take advantage of the benefits of being part of the Teknon Medical Center and Campus.

In many cases you can obtain a higher level of wellbeing when you complement conventional medical therapies with other medical specialties. That’s why we practise Integrative Medicine: contemplating solutions beyond surgery and medication.

If you have any questions, please contact us. We will answer your queries with pleasure. Want to request an appointment? We will try to give you an appointment in good time.