Financing and health insurance

Your health and wellness project is important. We work with medical insurance companies and endeavour to provide the maximum funding and financing for treatment for nasal operations such as rhinoplasty.

At the Maria Colomé Rhinology Clinic we offer private medical excellence at reasonable prices.

For information regarding the price of a nose operation or any other financial aspect, do not hesitate to contact us.

Medical health insurance

We work with the following insurers :

  • Aegon España
  • Agrupació mútua
  • Allianz
  • Assistència Sanitària Col·legial
  • Axa
  • Caser
  • Dkv (Previasa)
  • Generali
  • HNA SC
  • Medifiatc
  • MEPS
  • Mútua General de Catalunya
  • Mútua Previsora de Barcelona (Fonsalut)
  • Plus Ultra
  • Qualimedic
  • Sanitas
  • Sersanet
  • Vital Seguro
  • Atlàntida
  • Cosalud
  • SharedCare

At our Rhinology Clinic you are in good hands. You can request an appointment online or get in contact with us by phone. We will answer your questions with pleasure.