We ensure that international surgical patients or those living far from Barcelona can enjoy excellent medical and personal care, with the minimum number of days away from home.

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  1. Before your stay in Barcelona
    • Telephone meeting or Skype with the international coordinator, where the medical history will be performed.
    • Analysis of tests and diagnoses that you already have.
    • If deemed convenient, telephone meeting or Skype with the Dr. Colomé.
    • Approximate budget, depending on the information that could be obtained.
    • Programming visits before and after surgery.
    • Resolution of medical billing and insurance claims.

    If you wish, we can also take care of the search and booking of transport and accommodation, as well as assign a companion interpreter.nterpreter.

  2. During your stay in Barcelona

    Depending on the type of operation and characteristics of each person, the number of days that we recommend that you stay in Barcelona may vary.

    Medical visits

    First visit and preoperative visit

    Exploratory otolaryngology comprehensive
    Complementary tests, if applicable
    Facial analysis (in case of rhinoplasty)
    Proposal for personalized treatment and surgical plan
    Preoperative visit: assessment of the suitability of the patient to enter the operating room

    Will be operated by the Dra. I went to the Teknon Medical Center. Usually the stay at the clinic is between 6 and 24 hours.


    Between 2 and 4 days after the intervention, the post-surgical recommendations are given and, if the nose was swollen during the intervention, the stomach is done. A week later, a post-operative control visit is performed and medical discharge is given.

    In case you have to take an airplane to return home, Dr. Colomé will value, according to its evolution, at what moment it is appropriate to fly again.


    Barcelona is a city with a lot of accommodation and is sure to find a place to be comfortable before and after the surgery. To facilitate your search, we recommend three hotels that are close to the Rhinological Clinic.
    Cultural activities

    In order to make your stay in Barcelona as pleasant as possible, at the Rinológica Clinic we have managed exclusive discounts for our surgical patients from outside the city to such emblematic cultural spaces as the Palau de la Música, L’Auditori or El Liceu .

  3. After your stay in Barcelona
    • A call or Skype with the Dra. Colomé, with interpretation service, if necessary.
    • Direct communication with the international coordinator and, where appropriate, with the Dra. Colomé to solve any doubts or concerns that may arise the first days of being at home.
    • Remote tracking of evolution, according to the needs of each case.
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For more information, do not hesitate to contact the international coordinator of the Clinic: