Workshop: Breathing and oxygenation

Proper breathing promotes general health and wellness. Our workshop will teach breathing and oxygenation techniques to get the most out of your respiration and oxygenate your body properly.

Altered respiratory function is sometimes difficult to perceive, but it has significant effects on health and wellbeing. Breathing affects the cardiovascular, neurological, vascular, gastrointestinal, muscular and emotional systems.

  1. Do I really need a workshop to learn how to breathe oxygen?

    If you:

    • want to improve your quality of life
    • work in the performing arts
    • need to talk a lot for your work
    • are recovering from surgery to the respiratory airways
    • have a congenital defect in the nasal or vocal tract or
    • play many sports

    …it is likely that your breathing is not adequate and that eventually you may have health problems.

    If you suffer:

    • sinusitis, asthma, allergies
    • stress, insomnia, anxiety, depression
    • muscle spasms
    • pain, arthritis, headaches, migraines
    • constipation, eating disorders ( anorexia, bulimia, obesity )
    • lack of concentration
    • fatigue, tiredness
    • disorders of smell and taste

    …it is likely that your body is not being properly oxygenated.

    At our workshop on Breathing and Oxygenation you will learn to breathe properly and your body will obtain oxygen optimally. This leads to improved health and wellbeing.

  2. How can I improve my breathing habits?

    Being aware of bad respiratory habits and changing those habits requires learning and practice.

    At our Workshop on Breathing and oxygenation you will learn to:

    • be aware of nasal-abdominal breathing and create a respiratory airway that is as broad as possible
    • recognize optimal breathing at rest and during activity
    • properly monitor your voice (generally, especially in situations of speech and physical activity)
    • discover and maintain the optimal position for a full inspiration, and good voice projection

    Doing different types of exercises, you can work on your awareness of body posture, muscles, relaxation and dilation of the nostrils or laryngeal tension control, among others.

  3. What will I achieve with better breathing?

    Better breathing will allow you to:

    • resolve or improve various health problems (not only those that are strictly respiratory)
    • increase energy levels and athletic performance
    • improve sleep, memory and concentration levels
    • improve the quality of speech and voice
    • intensify sexual pleasure
  4. Group sessions or individiduals

    Workshop breathing and oxygenation can be done:

    Individual workshop sessions

    • 7 60-minute individual sessions focused on finding the solution to your particular needs

    On the first day we carry out a spirometry (testing air volume and flow rate in the lungs) to assess the initial state for the individual. At the end of the last session, we repeat the test to see objectively what progress has been achieved as a result of the course.

  5. Hours and prices
    • Hours by appointment
      Price: 90 € per each 90min session
  6. Organització del taller

    Àngels Civit Fons

    Tècnica vocal. Professora de cant i piano.

    Montse Gros Fernández

    Atenció al pacient i recepció

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