I’m happy because my performances has improved on many levels

The patient

I decided to have the operation at the Rhinology Clinic because of a respiratory problem that was greatly affecting my quality of life. I am a singer, and my nasal problems were affecting my voice. Moreover, I lost my sense of smell due to a virus.

One year after the operation I have recovered my breathing 100% . I sleep well , rest, I am relaxed … My voice is much better, and when I run and I swim I become a lot less tired. I´m happy because my performance has improved on many levels.

I have still not completely recovered my sense of smell, but Dr. Colome had warned me that this might happen. However, now when I enter a place I do notice something smell-wise, although I can´t identify what it is exactly. This is especially important to me because I am blind.

MBB, 49 year old man.

The medical team

The patient had nasal obstruction and loss of smell due to a virus. We decided to do a septoplasty and to open the nasal roof well, since the olfactory organ was closed and could not be stimulated through breathing. We were quite pessimistic regarding the recovery of smell, but we are still pleased to have improved his breathing and his quality of life.