In expert hands

Cosmetic nasal surgery in the hands of nasal organ specialists. You will receive excellent medical and personal care in comfort.

We aim for your satisfaction as a patient, and ours as professionals. We work so that you like yourself more after the operation while keeping your style and personality. We ensure that your nose retains or even enhances all its features.

  1. In the hands of rhinologic surgeons

    The nasal cosmetic operation (cosmetic rhinoplasty) is more complex than other plastic surgeries because the nose has some vital functions that must be maintained intact. In our Rhinology Clinic, all operations are carried out by rhinologic surgeons who are experts in the aesthetic aspects as well as the functional complexity of the nose. This differentiates us from many other plastic surgery centers.

    In all cosmetic operations:

    • we look for a natural beauty and harmony with the rest of the face, taking into account the personality and style of each patient. We move away from the classic look of nose surgery.
    • We ensure that the nose retains:
      • the sensitivity of the skin
      • movement (we avoid the rigidity that characterizes many nose surgery)
      • good respiratory function
      • smell and taste
      • lacrimal function

    When cosmetic rhinoplasty is provided by rhinologic surgeons, major physical and psychological problems are avoided.

  2. No scars

    Many centers apply open surgical techniques, leaving discreet but visible external scars. At our Rhinology Clinic we apply closed surgery so the scar remains inside the nose and remains invisible. If open surgery is needed, we camouflage the scar in a fold of skin.

    Our aim is to make minimum intervention and obtain maximum effects. Often a small surgical adjustment can achieve a great aesthetic improvement.

  3. Psychological counseling when needed

    There are those who want to operate but they panic at the thought of going into surgery, they may be frightened of having the nose packed, or they are afraid of not liking themselves after the operation.

    The team of psychologists and therapists at our Rhinology Clinic will know how to provide you with the tools to overcome these feelings and go through with the surgery with the utmost tranquility and indeed excitement.

  4. Excellent treatment in a comfortable environment

    We know that your tranquillity and satisfaction depend on good communication with doctors. So we listen carefully to you. So we tell you all the details you need and resolve all the doubts you have.

    We want you to feel comfortable. In our Rhinology Clinic you will enjoy the comfort and benefits of The Teknon Medical Center and Campus. You will be in good hands, from the first visit until the final revision.

Want to know what patients say who have had an operation at our Rhinology Clinic? Patients and surgeons explain clinical cases.

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