Our relationship with patients

Medical excellence requires fluid communication between patients and doctors. We go beyond finding a solution for your nose, ensuring that you feel comfortable and informed at all times.

We listen to the person, not just their symptoms

We analyze each case understanding the person as a whole, well aware that the mind is as important as the body. We seek the root of the problem in order to solve it properly.

Sometimes medication or surgery are not sufficient nor appropriate. We work from an Integrative Medicine perspective, complementing the Rhinology specialization with other health therapies.

We streamline our visits process.

We make sure that the consultation process is comfortable, practical and economical. We don’t schedule unnecessary visits or have hidden expenses.

We ensure your comfort and convenience

We like the patients to feel comfortable and relaxed at all times. So we create a pleasant environment and we take care of the details. We are at your disposal for any questions or concerns you might want to consider.

For maximum comfort during the necessary medical exploration, we utilize specialized technology and techniques.