From the first visit to medical discharge

We follow a scheduled and clear procedure, and we adapt to the needs of individuals so that everyone feels comfortable and safe. Dr. Maria Colomé personally visits with all patients.

The relationship between patient and surgeon is important for the success of a cosmetic operation. Therefore you will be personally attended at our Rhinology Clinic by Dr. Maria Colomé, director of the clinic and rhinologic surgeon. All visits are carried out in a relaxed and quiet environment.

We follow an effective protocol that adapts to the needs of each patient. If you need more visits before the operation, we can provide them.

The process
  1. First visit: Initial Assessment

    This first visit will consist of a medical examination and you can speak at length with Dr. Maria Colomé about your motivations for and concerns regarding surgery.

    Dr. Maria Colomé will:

    • listen actively to understand your dissatisfaction and your goals
    • perform a otorhinolaryngologic scan to assess the functional aspects of the nose and detect whether to combine rhinoplasty with other techniques to solve the nasal obstruction problems
    • schedule specific tests to study the function and shape of your nose
    • perform preoperative photographs to customize your surgical project
    • If deemed appropriate, she will schedule you a visit with a psychologist to help you come to the best decision

    With all the information gathered, Dr. Maria Colomé will then advise you as to whether cosmetic rhinoplasty is the perfect option for you right now, whether you should wait, or whether you should consider alternatives.

  2. Second visit: surgical approach and planning

    On a second visit, Dr. Maria Colomé will present a personalized surgical plan and will discuss it with you.

    With the help of the preoperative photographs, Dr. Colomé will show you an approximation of the expected results of your operation. If you choose, we can make a cast of the nose to see different options.

    On this second visit Dr. Maria Colomé will:

    • deliver and discuss the test results
    • present a custom surgery proposal
    • explain all the surgical process in detail
    • schedule preoperative visits and the day of the operation
  3. Preoperative tests and treatments

    Before undergoing a cosmetic rhinoplasty, you must undertake at least three medical tests:

    • blood test
    • chest X-ray
    • electrocardiogram

    You may also be advised of a psychological evaluation to refine the surgical approach most appropriate in your case. Optionally, you can elect homeopathic treatment in preparation for surgery.

  4. Third visit: preoperative preparation

    The third visit is with Dr. Colomé and a clinical assistant . This is a preoperative visit .

    On this visit we will:

    • evaluate preoperative tests that you have undertaken.
    • explain in detail what you need to do on the day of surgery.
    • deliver a dossier with all the information you need clearly set out.

    There is always time for questions. If after the preoperative visit you feel the need to make another visit before the intervention , we will schedule an appointment with Dr. Colomé.

    We are always at your disposal to answer anything you need to know.


  5. Day of operation

    The day of your surgery is a day of many emotions. You usually go through this day with feelings of hope, and sometimes with a certain anxiety . These contradictory feelings are completely normal.

    At the Rhinology Clinic we are well aware of the mood of patients before and after surgery. We will be at your side at all times to accompany you and resolve any doubts, and of course will keep your companions informed while you are under the effects of anesthesia.

  6. Postoperative visits

    After the operation you will have nasal packing in place for between 1 and 3 days, and a splint for 10 days approximately.

    After 3 days of surgery, a postoperative visit will take place. The packing is removed (unless it had been removed prior) and the splint changed. We recommend that you come with a companion.

    A week later you will have another postoperative visit and the splint can be removed.

    Between one and two weeks after the operation, the slight discoloration that may have appeared will disappear completely. In some cases, a small level of swelling can remain for up to months.

    The final results are obtained between 6 months and 2 years after the operation. During this time, postoperative visits are necessary.

  7. How many days will I need to recover?

    Postoperative recovery of a cosmetic rhinoplasty varies with each patient, and depends on whether functional surgery is also performed. The process is common to all rhinologic nasal operations under general anaesthesia.

    At first the face is a little swollen, and may leave some bruising or discoloring. This can lead to disappointment in some patients who think they will not improve their appearance. This reaction is completely normal and disappears progressively with the improvement in appearance.

    You will be able to return to work after 10 to 15 days.

    The use of complementary therapies such as acupuncture or homeopathy can speed up recovery.

    Our Oxygenation Workshop is useful to restore respiratory function after surgery.

  8. If I am coming from outside Barcelona, how many days will I need to be in Barcelona?

    We recommend that you calculate from one week to 10 days in Barcelona to ensure you receive adequate preoperative and postoperative visits and get the highest level of quality care and patient satisfaction.

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