Phoniatry and speech therapy

Professionals who use their voice should maintain good nasal health so the vocal organ can work in optimal conditions. The nose acts as a resonant cavity and a conditioner of the air we breathe: it filters, cleans and warms the air before it reaches the lungs.

Àngels Civit Fons

Angels Civit | Clínica Rinològica MariColomé

Higher Degree in Music, Higher Professor of Singing and Piano

Master’s Degree in Music Training Centers of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB-Esmuc)


Teacher in different educational centers and conservatories:

  • Sagrada Familia School, Cooperative Society Claror
  • Virtene Music School
  • Professional Conservatory of Manresa
  • Mac Studio, Center for Musical Studies and Singing
  • CIC Cultural Foundation
  • Professional Conservatory and Municipal Music School of Sabadell
  • Music School Time

    Seminars and courses

    He has taught several seminars and courses as a vocal technician and respiratory rehabilitation:

    • International Singing Gregorian Course of Santes Creus (Tarragona)
    • Vocal Technique Seminar for Teachers at the University of Barcelona (UB). Institute of Education Sciences (ICE)
    • Haendel and Mozart opera performance course at the Music Conservatory of Manresa
    • Course of respiration and vocal imposition at the Superior Conservatory of Music of the Liceu
    • XV Seminar on Piano and Piano Technique, Chamber Music and Singing at the Montserral Calduch School
    • MacEstudi Opera Workshop. Improvement course for lyrical singers.